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OroBianco Italian Creamery owns and operates the first and only water buffalo dairy and creamery in the state of Texas. We milk our herd of water buffalo at our ranch in south Texas and transport the 100% grass-fed milk to our state-inspected creamery in the Hill Country, at which we craft small-batch gelato and other dairy products. We are chefs, ranchers and cowboys, and we proudly raise our livestock using south Texas ranching traditions that we believe enhance the animals’ well-being and sustain our soils. We strive to produce the finest gelato in Texas while being diligent stewards of our land and our livestock.

Our Animals

Our herd of approximately 400 Mediterranean, Southeast Asian and South American water buffalo grazes on two ranches in the Hill Country and south Texas. Thriving on a grass-only diet with no growth hormones or antibiotics, our water buffalo produce milk that contains significantly more butterfat and nutrients than cows’ milk and reflects the terroir of our lush Texas pastures. Though powerful and intimidating, our water buffalo are gentle, intelligent and emotional animals, and we are fortunate to be on the ground with them 365 days a year.

Our Gelato

We craft our gelato in small batches and completely by hand using our 100% grass-fed water buffalo milk and other local and premium ingredients. Never using mixes or packaged ingredients, we use fresh fruit that we hand-pick weekly from local Texas farms, chocolate that we make from raw, single origin cacao beans in-house, herbs that we grow ourselves and eggs from ducks that we raise on our ranch in Fredericksburg, TX. We are deliberate in composing recipes and flavors that highlight local terroir and, as Texas farmers and ranchers ourselves, we proudly use locally-sourced ingredients that reflect the abundance and richness of our land. This is seriously small-batch gelato, y'all.