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Available exclusively at our Stonewall location, our pizzas are made with a blend of Italian and locally-milled wheat from Barton Springs Mill, cold fermented for 72 hours and topped with Orobianco meats and cheeses. 

Click here to place your order (available 12-7pm Thursday through Sunday)!

"OB O.G."

Classic Margherita with Bianco di Napoli tomatoes, OB mozzarella, OB Vecchio, basil, EVOO, oregano, salt. 

"Fire Ant"

Bianco di Napoli tomatoes, OB ricotta/Blanco Fresco, hot soppressata, house-made hot honey with Calabrian chilis. 

"Stonewall Queen"

Cherry tomatoes cooked in herbs and EVOO, OB mozzarella, basil, garlic, EVOO, salt. 

"O My!"

OB Blanco Fresco, OB mozzarella, OB prosciutto, OB Vecchio, pickled red onion, arugula, balsamic. 

"La Carbonara"

OB Vecchio, cream, freshly cracked black pepper, OB pancetta, egg, lemon zest. 

"Porky Pistachio"

House-made pistachio pesto, OB Berkshire pork sausage with herbs, OB stracciatella, EVOO, basil.